Top 5 Best Purple Hair Dyes for Long-Lasting Color

Best Purple Hair Dyes

Hair coloring cosmetics are used to color hair. They are classified as Permanent and temporary. Hair dyes either adhere to each hair strand with color (non-permanent color) or penetrate each hair cuticle, enter the hair cortex, and form a chemical bond with the hair (permanent color). While non-permanent hair color can eventually be removed with a shampoo, permanent color changes the hair permanently, as the name implies. In this article, we are providing you with some of the best purple hair dyes that are available in the market.

Best Purple Hair Dyes

Overview Of Purple Hair Dye 

From the high fashion runways to our social media feeds, purple hair is in style everywhere. This hairstyle is as distinctive as the rainbow it was inspired by. You can do everything with purple hair, from embracing your inner rock star to dramatically concealing grey hair. Purple invokes dependability and trust. It has a mysterious quality owing to its scarcity in previous times. Its association with magic in pop culture also interprets its popularity among younger generations.

Why Finding The Right Dye Is Important

Melanin is responsible for our skin, eyes, hair, and their respective colors. Additionally, it controls how our skin alters in color under various environmental situations. Our hair receives a coating from colors that may aid in strengthening it. A semi-permanent color can bolster your hair’s strength if it is weak or only slightly damaged. Your hair can be shielded by dyeing against environmental dangers like pollution, wind, too much sun, and chilly winter conditions. Therefore choosing the right hair color is very important in order for it to complement your beauty.

Purpose Of This Article Blog

The purpose of the blog is to explain why purple hair is so relevant and popular among women, as well as which purple hair color you should pick if you want to appear stunning. Thus we have singled out some of the best purple hair dyes that are available in the market in this article for your convenience.

Factors To Consider When Choosing A Purple Hair Dye

1 – Hair Type:-

You’ll probably need to bleach your hair first before coloring it purple if you have dark hair. For summer days, it is advisable to choose softer purple hues like lilac or lavender. These fashionable pastel colors complement the majority of complexion tones.

Wash your hair in cool water to prolong the purple color. Additionally, put on a scarf before going outside in the sun to stop the color from fading. However, not all of them will bring out the undertone of your skin. You have a choice between lilac and electrifying purple.

2 – Hair Porosity:-

Hair with low porosity doesn’t dye as well as hair with higher porosity. The tight cuticles of the hair make it more difficult for the dye pigments to penetrate. The opposite issue arises with high porosity hair. It might absorb an excessive amount of hair color due to its porous nature. Unexpectedly, this may result in a hue that is deeper and duller.

3 – Skin Tone:-

Make sure to consider both your undertone and surface skin tone when choosing a hair color. Choose purple colors with golden undertones if your skin tone is warm. Consider purple hues that are deeper or more strong if your skin tone is cold.

4 – Longevity:-

Depending on how frequently you wash it, purple hair will either fade quickly or slowly. If you frequently wash your hair, it might not maintain its vibrancy for longer than a week or two. Purple hair color typically lasts between 4 and 5 washes. After the first wash, though, you could notice it starting to fade.

It can last for up to a month or two if you follow some precise color preservation techniques. Compared to permanent dyes, semi-permanent purple hair color will typically fade drastically after 4 weeks, depending on how well you take care of it.

5 – Damage Level:-

If you’re not prepared for that level of commitment, you might want to wait to get purple hair because it requires a lot of upkeep. Your hair will be harmed by bleach, particularly if you have dark brown hair. To keep your purple tips appearing healthy, be prepared to commit to a superior conditioner and a once-weekly hair mask.

However, there are always workarounds. For example, henna might be a terrific, damage-free choice if you’re going for a more subdued purple wash. To avoid bleaching the majority of your mane, you could also go for streaks or even a dip dye. Purple hair color demands a lot of maintenance and fades quickly compared to more natural tones.

Purple hair color that is properly cared for ought to last at least a month. To prevent colors from bleeding onto lighter hair, use a conditioner. Lighter hair should be protected with conditioner while being dyed. When you rinse the color itself away, the conditioner will serve as a barrier, minimizing the dye’s unwelcome contact with your hair.

6 – Vibrance:-

The following activities will help you maintain vibrant purple hair. Hair should only be washed every other or every two days. You must use colored conditioners from the overtone. Always cover up when outside in the sun. You must use UV-protected shampoo, conditioner, and styling products.

Use hot styling tools sparingly. When in the pool, don a hat. Therefore, to prevent your dye job from fading if you have a deeper tone of purple, sulfate-free shampoo like Living Proof Color Care Shampoo is a perfect alternative (it won’t strip your color).

Top 5 Best Purple Hair Dyes 

1 – Artic Fox Violet Dream:-

The long-lasting direct dye Violet Dream by Arctic Fox nourishes your hair, making it feel moisturized and healthier. All-natural ingredients are used in the formulation of AF products, which are free of harsh chemicals, PPDs, and drying alcohols.

A highly pigmented color formula was developed after two years of diligent research and development with the goal of reducing bleeding and preventing stains. With all the factors combined, it can be simply stated it is one of the best purple hair dyes on the market.

2 – Manic Panic Purple Haze:-

Purple Haze Hair Dye Color, A Warm Very Dark Purple Hair Dye That Leaves Purple Tones On Virgin And Unbleached Hair. For Best Results, We Recommend Lightening Hair To Medium Level Seven Blonde Or Lighter Before Using Semi Permanent Hair Dye.

This Semi Permanent Hair Dye Formula Gradually Fades In Four To Six Weeks Because It Does Not Penetrate The Cortex Of Your Hair But Simply Rests On Top Of The Hair Shaft cruelty-free And Vegan Formula. This Color Cream Hair Dye Features Vegan Ingredients With all the accumulated qualities it can be simply stated as one of the best purple hair dyes.

3 – Lime Crime Unicorn Hair Tint:-

Lime Crime Unicorn Hair is a semi-permanent color dye that is easy to use at home and turns hair into vivacious hues. Its sugary citrus vanilla aroma will make your makeover even sweeter. Lipstick is a gorgeous pink-red that will fulfill your fantasies of having a fantasy hair color.

This vegan, damage-free hair dye not only gives you a fun, vibrant color but also has nourishing components like fatty acids and vitamins that hydrate your hair and increase shine.

4 – Pravana Vivids Locked-In Purple:-

The most vivid, durable hues are Chroma VIVIDS, which are widely accessible. These semi-permanent colors are not blended with any developer. instead, they are applied straight to clean, dry, pre-lightened hair.

Pure silk and keratin amino acids are added to Chromasilk to give it an incomparable sheen and silkiness. It completely covers grey hair and produces results that are rich and bright. Its nutritious composition gives hair more strength and radiance. It has a silky texture, a beautiful luster, and long-lasting color. A paraben-free formulation that works for all types of hair.

5 – Wella Color Charm Purple Toner:-

Shiny color that looks healing and deals less damage Enhance, tone, or gloss up your color mixes greys gentler on all types of hair. Free of ammonia, gluten, parabens, phthalates, and chemicals derived from animals Depending on the kind of hair, lasts up to 24 washes.

Results that are durable and resist fading. No ammonia is used in the dye which combined with other basic qualities makes it one of the best purple hair dyes available.

How to Dye Your Hair Purple at Home

Preparing Your Hair:-

A few days before dying your hair, give it a good wash. It will prepare your hair to retain most of the applied colors.

Application Process:-

Using the clips, divide your hair into four portions. It is simpler to manage the more sections there are. Don’t forget to dress in an old t-shirt. Mix the product according to the package that is here the product. Apply it lastly to the hair sections: Make sure that each strand is well covered. Take little chunks if you want to cover the entire head to make sure no hair is missed.

Aftercare Tips:-

Avoid frequent hair washings and swimming if you want the color to last as long as possible. Use only dark-colored towels and clothing after dying, at least for a few days. To avoid becoming stained, apply petroleum jelly to your neck and ears. Your stunning purple hair color may deteriorate due to UV radiation. Therefore, protect your head before going outside in the sun.


Purple hair dye is a terrific method to spruce up your appearance if you have dark hair. Knowing the type of hair color you want is essential before dying your hair without bleaching. 

Once you’ve decided on that, make sure you purchase the appropriate products before choosing to color your hair. All the mentioned color dyes are considered some of the best available color dyes that are out in the market but you must read about the above color types and then decide which hair color you would want to choose and which hair color would compliment your hair and skin type.

Then you can choose the type of product that would match your style statement. To prevent any negative reactions, make sure to avoid often washing your hair, use color-protecting hair products, and perform a patch test. Finally, carefully color your black hair purple by following the detailed instructions provided in this article.

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